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South Korean TV station 'hires' AI broadcaster, pays lower salary than real person

The entire news bulletin of this station is made by AI. The broadcast script is written by ChatGPT, then read by an AI virtual MC, and broadcast as a complete television program.

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Apple to block third-party app store updates for iPhones outside EU after 30 days

Apple has updated its support page to state that if iPhone users leave the European Union (EU) for more than 30 days, they won't be able to update third-party apps installed on their devices until they return.

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Authy Desktop App to be Discontinued in August 2024

Authy, the popular two-factor authentication (2FA) app, will undergo a significant change as it bids farewell to its desktop version. Starting August 2024, Authy will only be accessible on mobile devices, specifically on Android and iOS platforms, as indicated by an updated support page reported by Bleeping Computer.

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Google Chrome is becoming safer and smarter, especially when it comes to performance

Chrome's latest update prioritizes safety and performance with enhanced Safe Browsing, Memory Saver mode, and upcoming tab group syncing.

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How to set up your MacBook to maximize developer productivity?

Discover how to set up your MacBook for optimal developer productivity with our comprehensive guide. Explore essential tools like Homebrew, Notion, and Visual Studio Code, along with valuable tips on Finder settings and time tracking. Maximize your coding efficiency and streamline your workflow on macOS with expert insights and recommended configurations.

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Russian TV channel unveils AI weather girl

Recently, Svoye TV, a local television channel in Russia, premiered its new program, ‘Future Forecast’, featuring an AI weather presenter named Snezhana Tumanova.

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