Apple to block third-party app store updates for iPhones outside EU after 30 days

Apple has updated its support page to state that if iPhone users leave the European Union (EU) for more than 30 days, they won't be able to update third-party apps installed on their devices until they return.

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This policy comes after the EU's Digital Markets Act (DMA) went into effect. Users can still use alternative app marketplaces while traveling, but they must return to the EU to get the latest updates. This could be inconvenient for frequent travelers.

The policy does not affect the ability to use alternative app stores to manage existing apps. Some developers are preparing to launch third-party app stores, but Epic Games might face challenges due to Apple revoking its developer license.

Apple’s availability update:

To reflect the Digital Markets Act's changes, users in the European Union are able to install alternative app marketplaces and install apps offered through alternative app marketplaces in iOS 17.4 or later. The country or region of your Apple ID must be set to one of the countries or regions of the European Union, and you must physically be located in the European Union.

Your device eligibility for alternative app marketplaces is determined using on-device processing with only an indicator of eligibility sent to Apple. To preserve your privacy, Apple does not collect your device's location.

If you leave the European Union, you can continue to open and use apps that you previously installed from alternative app marketplaces. Alternative app marketplaces can continue updating those apps for up to 30 days after you leave the European Union, and you can continue using alternative app marketplaces to manage previously installed apps. However, you must be in the European Union to install alternative app marketplaces and new apps from alternative app marketplaces.

This post was originally published on Theverge.