Russian TV channel unveils AI weather girl

Recently, Svoye TV, a local television channel in Russia, premiered its new program, ‘Future Forecast’, featuring an AI weather presenter named Snezhana Tumanova.

Category: Tech

AI advancements are rapidly transforming the world, with new and innovative models being developed every day. The AI, created through the use of multiple neural networks, aims to provide viewers with precise and engaging weather forecasts. Here are the details…

The channel revealed that the program operates using three neural networks: One responsible for the virtual presenter, another for preparing the text, and a third for generating graphic content. Snezhana Tumanova, whose name is a clever play on the Russian words for ‘snow’ and ‘fog,’ is an ambitious AI presenter seeking to outperform her human counterparts. The program is set to air five times a day, offering viewers regular weather updates.

While the use of artificial TV presenters is not a new phenomenon, with China pioneering this field in 2018 with the launch of an ‘English AI Anchor’, Svoye TV’s Snezhana Tumanova marks an exciting development in the use of artificial intelligence in the media industry. However, the management of Svoye TV clarified that they have no plans to abandon traditional weather forecasts featuring a human presenter at this time.

Despite the use of AI-driven presenters, human presenters still hold their ground, and the integration of AI signals a shift in the way we consume news and information. As technology continues to evolve, we can expect to see even more advancements in AI and its applications within the media landscape.