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Every day something happens, every day something goes down in history - and we are there. LiveTV was established to gather TV channels and Radio channels in a single environment. This is a free tv viewing service for all.

Here you can watch TV channels on computers, mobiles, tablets, Smart TV, and others for free, virus-free, and without malicious ads over the Internet easily.

All the video content found on the LiveTV is NOT hosted on our servers NOT created or uploaded by us.

This site contains player embed codes provided by official channel owners with written permission and several links to third-party official websites.

LiveTV provides official links to live TV Channels and their Official YouTube video channels.

These official links are provided as a convenience and do not endorse the companies or contents of any such sites.

LiveTV has no control over, is not responsible for, makes no representation and warranty, and disclaims all liability with respect to, any such site, any content on any such site, or any such site’s privacy practices. Use such sites at your own risk.

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