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Belarus 5 TV: More Than Just Games, A Glimpse into State Sports Media

Belarus 5 TV holds a unique position in the world of sports broadcasting. Launched in 2013, it proudly claims the title of the first state-owned sports channel in Belarus. More than just a platform for game highlights, Belarus 5 aims to cultivate a sense of national pride and promote healthy living through its coverage of athletic pursuits.

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South Korean TV station 'hires' AI broadcaster, pays lower salary than real person

The entire news bulletin of this station is made by AI. The broadcast script is written by ChatGPT, then read by an AI virtual MC, and broadcast as a complete television program.

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Trans7: Where Entertainment Meets Insight and MotoGP Rules the Road

In the bustling world of Indonesian television, Trans7 stands out as a channel that masterfully blends entertainment with informative substance and boasts an unwavering dedication to the high-octane thrills of MotoGP. Launched in 2001, Trans7 has carved its niche in the hearts of viewers with its diverse programming, commitment to quality, and a unique brand of "smart, entertaining, and family" fun.

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Bridging Faith and Community: A Look at TV Muslim Thailand

Thailand, a predominantly Buddhist nation, also boasts a vibrant Muslim community with a rich cultural heritage. Catering to this community's religious, educational, and entertainment needs is TV Muslim Thailand, a 24-hour satellite channel that has become a cornerstone for Thai Muslims seeking connection and engagement.

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Roku Streaming Stick 4K review: Small refinements to a winning formula

The newest Roku Stick is an impressive streamer, but the cheaper Express Plus 4K is a better buy.

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Russian TV channel unveils AI weather girl

Recently, Svoye TV, a local television channel in Russia, premiered its new program, ‘Future Forecast’, featuring an AI weather presenter named Snezhana Tumanova.

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