Sing along with YouTube Music's Real-Time Lyrics Feature

YouTube Music for Android has recently released a new feature that allows users to view real-time lyrics while listening to their favorite songs.

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This new feature makes it easier for users to sing along to their favorite tunes and understand the lyrics of the songs they are listening to. The lyrics are synchronized with the music, and users can view them by simply tapping on the "Lyrics" button on the playback screen.

The feature is available for both free and premium users, and it's expected to be a hit among music lovers who enjoy singing along to their favorite tracks.

Real-time lyrics are a feature that enhances the music experience on YouTube Music for Android. Unlike a traditional lyrics page that displays all the lyrics at once, real-time lyrics offer time-synced lyrics that appear line by line as the artist sings them.

This feature may seem small, but it significantly improves the overall experience of listening to music. Additionally, it adds to the fun of karaoke nights with friends and family, as you can sing along to the lyrics that appear on the screen.

9to5Google reports that YouTube Music is finally rolling out the highly anticipated time-synced or real-time lyrics feature to users. Although the feature is not yet widely available, users can check their app to see if they have access to it.

Although it was made available last year, it only revealed itself to users when the app was cast. When cast, users could enjoy a clean and unique experience with time-synced lyrics appearing alongside large album art. However, the UI users will see when activating real-time lyrics in the app on an Android handset is quite different.

To access the real-time lyrics feature on YouTube Music, simply select an album and choose a song, then tap on the Lyrics tab located in the middle of the playback user interface.

If the feature is not yet available on your app, you will see a standard lyrics page with a source for the lyrics displayed at the bottom.

However, if real-time lyrics have been enabled, you will be presented with a dynamic screen displaying large lines of lyrics that progress in sync with the artist's performance. This updated feature enhances the user experience and allows for a more immersive and enjoyable listening session.

The addition of real-time lyrics to YouTube Music on Android is a welcome update, however, it's worth noting that many other music streaming services have had this feature for quite some time.

It's surprising that it took so long for Google to implement this feature on Android, which raises concerns about how long it may take for real-time lyrics to arrive on other Google products and iOS.