Kia EV6 vs. Tesla Model Y: Which is better?

We have compared the Tesla Model Y and Kia EV6, both of which are leading electric vehicles in the market, to determine which one is the superior option.

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The Tesla Model Y has established itself as one of the most popular EVs in the market due to its spacious design, impressive charging infrastructure, and cutting-edge interior technology. However, with several other carmakers launching their EVs, the Kia EV6 has emerged as a worthy competitor to the Model Y.

Although the EV6 may not be as instantly recognizable as the Model Y, it boasts a sleek and modern design and an impressive range. Additionally, like Model Y, it comes in various models, allowing customers to choose the one that suits their requirements.

So, which EV reigns supreme? To find out, we conducted a comprehensive comparison of the Kia EV6 and the Tesla Model Y.


The Tesla Model Y and the Kia EV6 have different exterior designs. The Model Y has a classic Tesla look, with a tall body, pronounced wheel arches, and a sloped rear window, which is instantly recognizable to anyone familiar with Tesla.


The EV6, on the other hand, has a modern design, with angular lines and a sporty silhouette, giving it a more expensive look than it is. The EV6's design varies slightly across models, with higher-end models like the EV6 GT featuring more aggressive styling details like green brake calipers.

Kia EV6

Overall, both cars look good, but the EV6's more unique and aggressive styling appeals to me more.


Tesla has a long-standing reputation for embracing minimalism in its car designs, and the Model Y is no exception. The car boasts a futuristic interior with a large horizontal display at the front, which creates a spaceship-like feel.

Although some critics have argued that Tesla uses low-quality materials for its interiors, those who appreciate the minimalist look will appreciate the Model Y.

Tesla model Y interior

Additionally, the car is surprisingly spacious with 30.2 cubic feet of trunk space in the two-row model, though this figure decreases in the three-row option.

In contrast, the EV6's interior has a more traditional look and feel, but it still incorporates plenty of modern features and details. The seats are comfortable and have a more luxurious feel than the Model Y's, and there are dedicated controls for some functions, rather than having everything integrated into the touchscreen.

KIA EV6 interior

However, many of these controls still use capacitive touch technology and lack physical buttons, which may not be everyone's preference. Additionally, the EV6 is only available in a two-row configuration and provides 24.4 cubic feet of space behind the second row.

Battery and charging

One of the most important aspects of electric vehicles is their battery and charging capabilities.

The Tesla Model Y has two variants: the Long Range model, which provides a range of 330 miles, and the Performance model, with a range of 303 miles. Charging is fast, at up to 250 kilowatts, allowing for a full charge in less than 30 minutes.

The EV6, on the other hand, has more variants available. The base model is the EV6 Wind, with a range of 310 miles for the rear-wheel drive and 282 miles for the all-wheel drive model. Next is the GT-Line, offering a range of 310 miles for RWD and 252 miles for AWD. Finally, the Kia EV6 GT offers a range of 206 miles. Charging is even faster, with all models capable of charging at up to 350kW, allowing for a 10% to 80% charge in only 18 minutes. However, finding charging stations that support these high speeds may be challenging.

Overall, while the Model Y offers a longer range, the EV6 can charge more quickly, making it more convenient for those needing to top up their battery in a hurry.

Tech and infotainment

One of the primary reasons for Tesla's popularity is its advanced technology. Almost everything in a Tesla car is controlled via the touchscreen, and the user interface is thoughtfully designed, featuring intuitive controls.

Kia EV6 Tech and infotainment

Some people may not prefer controlling things like climate through a touch screen, but Tesla's software is better designed and easier to navigate than most other manufacturers.

The EV6 may be a bit more traditional in terms of interior design, but Kia, along with its parent company Hyundai Motor Group, has focused on improving the infotainment experience.

Currently, the EV6's software is relatively easy to navigate, with an app-like layout, and it also supports CarPlay and Android Auto, which is something that Tesla doesn't offer.

Both cars feature autonomous driving capabilities that allow the car to drive itself on highways, but the Model Y offers Tesla's Full Self-Driving mode, which is an optional extra and doesn't fully live up to its name. Additional optional features are available for both cars, such as the EV6's camera-based blind spot monitoring and 360-degree camera views for parking.


EVs are renowned for their quick acceleration, and both the Model Y and EV6 are exemplary in this aspect. Their swift acceleration and responsive steering make them enjoyable to drive. However, if you're looking for the fastest driving experience, the EV6 GT may be your best bet.

Although the Tesla Model Y Performance can go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 3.5 seconds, the EV6 GT can achieve it in just 3.2 seconds. Nevertheless, this small time difference shouldn't be the sole determining factor for your purchase decision, as both are incredibly fast cars. The gap is more significant in their base models, where the Model Y Long Range can reach 60 mph in 4.8 seconds, while the EV6 Wind takes more than 6 seconds.


Price is a significant factor when it comes to choosing between Model Y and the EV6. As of this writing, the Model Y has a higher starting price, with the Long Range model at $54,990 and the Performance model at $58,990. The EV6 Wind, however, is a bit more affordable, starting at $48,700, and it goes up to $61,600 for the high-end EV6 GT.

It's worth noting, though, that the Inflation Reduction Act announced in 2022 may give Tesla an advantage. As the Model Y is produced in the U.S., it's still eligible for a $7,500 tax rebate, while the Korean-made EV6 no longer qualifies. This could make the Model Y a more attractive option for budget-conscious EV buyers.


The Tesla Model Y and Kia EV6 are two impressive electric cars with unique features that suit different needs. If you prefer a more high-tech and minimalistic interior, then the Tesla Model Y would be a great option for you. Its well-designed user interface and intuitive controls make it stand out from the rest.

However, if you prioritize comfort, affordability, and convenient tech features like CarPlay, then the EV6 is worth considering. Its app-like layout and support for CarPlay and Android Auto make it easy to navigate, and its lower base price gives it a competitive edge. Ultimately, it comes down to your personal preferences and priorities when it comes to choosing between these two fantastic electric vehicles.