SBT Interior: Illuminating São Paulo's Interior with News and Entertainment

While the glitz of Rio and São Paulo commands the spotlight in Brazil's media scene, a dynamic world unfolds beyond the bustling metropolis. SBT Interior, a regional television station based in Araçatuba, has made it a mission to deliver the most impactful news and entertainment to the heart of São Paulo's interior.

Category: News

Established in 1991, SBT Interior has evolved into a pillar of the communities it serves. Beyond merely broadcasting programs, the station has forged authentic connections with its viewers. This dedication to local engagement is evident in their programming—a captivating fusion of regional news and family-friendly entertainment.

At the core of SBT Interior's offerings is the heartbeat of local journalism. A committed team of reporters keeps viewers abreast of the latest political happenings, and heartwarming human-interest stories, all firmly rooted in the distinctive realities of Araçatuba, Presidente Prudente, and São José do Rio Preto. Live coverage of breaking news ensures viewers are not just informed but actively engaged, while investigative pieces delve into issues close to the community's heart.

However, SBT Interior is not solely focused on serious news. Entertainment is a vital component of their programming, offering a delightful escape and fostering a sense of community. Shows such as "Manhã Legal" and "Programa Livre" provide laughter and fun while spotlighting the talents of local musicians, singers, and artists. This commitment to local talent is more than just entertainment; it serves as a platform for celebrating the vibrant cultural tapestry of the region.

What truly distinguishes SBT Interior is its unwavering commitment to community engagement. It is not just a television station; it's a hub for connecting people. Through its diverse programming, active social media presence, and participation in community events, SBT Interior actively nurtures a sense of belonging and togetherness. Whether organizing talent shows for local youth or collaborating with community organizations for charitable initiatives, the station consistently reaches out and builds bridges.

Over the past three decades, SBT Interior has woven itself into the fabric of life in São Paulo's interior. It stands as a trusted source of news, a platform for celebration, and a space for fostering community connections. In a media landscape dominated by national giants, SBT Interior serves as a testament to the enduring power of local voices and the significance of stories that resonate with the communities they serve.

So, if you happen to find yourself in the heart of São Paulo's interior, tune in to SBT Interior and immerse yourself in the pulse of a region brimming with its unique energy. You might discover captivating stories, infectious smiles, and the vibrant spirit that makes this corner of Brazil truly special.

  • History: Founded in 1991, it has seen several well-known presenters and reporters grace its screens over the years, such as Marco Aurélio, Carlos Hernandes, André Luiz, Valdivino Bittencourt, Roselana Aguiar, Valéria Garbulio, and Mônica Guglielmi.
  • Programming: SBT Interior offers a varied program schedule, featuring news, entertainment, sports, religious programs, and other formats. They have a YouTube channel where they livestream some of their programs and share clips from their shows.
  • Coverage: The station primarily serves the areas of Araçatuba, Presidente Prudente, and São José do Rio Preto, bringing news and entertainment to the population of São Paulo's interior.
  • Website and social media: They have an official website and are present on some social media platforms, including YouTube.