Rivian Unveils Affordable Electric Off-Roader: The R2

Explore the Rivian R2: an affordable $45,000 electric SUV with over 300 miles of range and a 0–60mph time of three seconds.

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The article discusses Rivian's unveiling of its latest electric vehicle, the R2, which is positioned as a more affordable option compared to its previous models. The R2, slated for production in the first half of 2026, boasts an estimated range of over 300 miles, a rapid acceleration of 0–60mph in three seconds, and a starting price of $45,000.

Rivian R2

Rivian aims to appeal to a broader market with this vehicle, targeting consumers who may be looking for a more reasonably priced electric option. Reservation for the R2 is open with deliveries expected to begin in the first half of 2026. However, Rivian's ability to meet production deadlines, as seen with previous models, remains a concern.

The R2 will come with various motor configurations and advanced features such as Tesla's NACS port, a spacious front trunk (frunk), and a unique bike mount system. The interior design includes practical features like two gloveboxes and folding seats, catering to adventurous lifestyles. Rivian also unveiled the R3, a sportier compact SUV, and its performance variant, the R3X, aiming to expand its product lineup further.

Rivian R2

While the R2 represents a significant step towards mass-market appeal for Rivian, the company faces financial challenges, having reported substantial losses and announcing layoffs. Despite these challenges, the R2 is viewed as an essential component in Rivian's strategy to stay competitive and secure its future in the electric vehicle market.

This post was originally published on Theverge.