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Wanasah TV is a music channel that was launched in July 2013 and is owned by the MBC Group. The channel is aimed at the Arab youth market and features a mix of Arabic and international music videos, as well as reality shows and other entertainment programming.

Wanasah TV: A Melodic Oasis for Arab Youth

In the dynamic landscape of television, where channels vie for attention and loyalty, Wanasah TV has emerged as a vibrant fountain of entertainment, captivating the hearts of Arab youth since its launch in July 2013. Owned by the MBC Group and founded by the renowned Saudi singer Rashed Al-Majed, Wanasah TV stands out for its unique blend of regional and international music, reality shows, and engaging programming tailored specifically for the young Arab demographic.

A Source of Inspiration:

The channel's name, Wanasah, meaning "fountain" in Arabic, embodies its mission – to be a source of inspiration and entertainment for the youth. Unlike general entertainment channels, Wanasah TV is dedicated to meeting the tastes and interests of young Arabs, offering a diverse array of content, from Arabic and Khaleeji music to international chart-toppers.

The Winning Formula:

Wanasah TV has garnered acclaim since its inception, earning the Best Music Channel award at the Dubai Lynx Awards in 2014. Its success can be attributed to several key features that set it apart in the UAE's TV landscape.

1. Focus on Arab Youth:

Wanasah TV takes a deliberate approach in tailoring its content to the preferences of young Arabs. The channel's music selection, featuring popular Arabic genres like Khaleeji, pop, and hip-hop, resonates with the youth culture. Reality shows and entertainment programs delve into the aspirations and experiences of the young generation.

2. A blend of Regional and International Content:

Wanasah TV strikes a harmonious balance by seamlessly blending the best of Arabic music and talent with international trends. This diversity caters to the varied preferences of young viewers, offering a playlist that may transition from a Khaleeji music video to a Korean pop sensation, providing a rich and engaging viewing experience.

3. Interactive and Participatory Approach:

Engaging viewers is at the heart of Wanasah TV's strategy. Through active participation on social media platforms, polls, and interactive segments within shows, the channel fosters a sense of community. Viewer involvement is taken a step further, with some programs incorporating audience voting or social media trends to shape playlists and show outcomes.

4. Emphasis on Fresh Talent:

Wanasah TV serves as a launchpad for emerging Arab artists. Shows like "Nashatat" and dedicated segments for new releases offer aspiring singers and musicians a platform to showcase their talent. By spotlighting fresh voices, Wanasah TV distinguishes itself from channels that predominantly feature established artists.

5. High-Quality Production and Visuals:

The commitment to excellence is evident in Wanasah TV's high-quality production values. Whether premiering music videos, hosting live performances, or presenting original shows, the channel invests in vibrant visuals, dynamic editing, and engaging presentation, creating a visually appealing and captivating viewer experience.


Wanasah TV has carved its niche in the hearts of young Arabs by offering a unique blend of entertainment, inspiration, and engagement. With a commitment to fresh talent, a harmonious mix of regional and international content, and a visually captivating presentation, Wanasah TV continues to be a melodic oasis, providing a refreshing and dynamic escape for the youth in the UAE and beyond.

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