About Dubai Racing TV

Dubai Racing TV, also known as the Dubai Racing Channel, is a popular television channel in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) that focuses on horse racing and equestrian events. It is part of the Dubai Racing Club and is dedicated to providing live coverage, highlights, and analysis of horse racing events from Dubai and around the world.

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Dubai Racing Channel features prestigious horse racing events such as the Dubai World Cup, which is one of the richest horse races in the world. The channel also covers other significant horse racing competitions, providing viewers with a comprehensive and immersive experience of the world of horse racing.

As with any television channel, it's essential to check local TV listings or the official website of Dubai Racing Channel for the latest programming schedule and coverage details. The channel's popularity and coverage have made it a favorite among horse racing enthusiasts in the UAE and beyond.

Here are some things to know about Dubai Racing TV:

  • Broadcast Schedule:
    • The channel operates during the Dubai racing season, which runs from November to March.
    • Live races are typically broadcast in the afternoon and evening (Dubai time).
    • The channel also features replays of races, racing news, and other horseracing programming.
  • Availability:
    • Dubai Racing TV is available in the Middle East and North Africa on satellite and cable TV.
    • It can also be streamed online through the channel's website and app.
  • Content:
    • The channel's main focus is on thoroughbred racing, but it also covers other equestrian sports such as polo and show jumping.
    • Dubai Racing TV is known for its high-quality production and expert commentary.
    • The channel is a popular destination for racing fans in the region and around the world.
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