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Rapha TV Partners have decided to commit themselves to the cause of Rapha TV which is to reach a generation without faith and hope, telling the sweet story of Lord Jesus Christ and reaching out to a troubled world with His compassion and generosity.

Rapha TV: A Look into the Controversial Christian Channel

Rapha TV, a Christian television channel based in Johannesburg, South Africa, has become a household name across the continent. Owned and operated by the Shekinah Glorious Faith Ministries, the channel is led by the flamboyant and controversial Prophet Issaka.

Focusing on faith, healing, deliverance, and prophecy, Rapha TV's programs feature live services, testimonies, and teachings from Prophet Issaka and other religious leaders. The channel also boasts a YouTube presence with over 27,000 subscribers and a staggering 1.7 million views.

Key elements of Rapha TV:

  • Prophet Issaka: The channel's central figure, Prophet Issaka, claims to possess both prophetic abilities and the power to heal the sick. He has garnered a devoted following not only in South Africa but also across Africa.
  • Testimonies: A cornerstone of Rapha TV's programming is the numerous testimonies from individuals who credit the channel's programs with their healing or deliverance from demonic influences.
  • Live services: Rapha TV brings viewers live into the Shekinah Glorious Faith Ministries church in Johannesburg, offering a virtual front-row seat to their services.
  • Controversies: Rapha TV has not been without its share of criticism. Some of its teachings have been labeled as misleading or potentially harmful, and the channel has faced accusations of financial mismanagement.

Despite the controversies, Rapha TV's popularity in South Africa and beyond remains undeniable. The channel serves as a platform for Christian worship and teachings, offering hope and encouragement to countless viewers.

Beyond the Headlines:

While the information provided offers a basic overview of Rapha TV, a deeper understanding necessitates delving into the complexities surrounding the channel.

  • Prophet Issaka's background and claims: Scrutinizing Issaka's past and the veracity of his pronouncements can provide valuable context.
  • Theological underpinnings: Examining the specific doctrines and interpretations espoused by Rapha TV sheds light on their unique approach to Christianity.
  • Impact on viewers: Investigating the personal experiences and transformations attributed to Rapha TV can offer valuable insights into its influence.


Rapha TV presents a fascinating case study of faith, controversy, and the power of religious media in Africa. By delving deeper into its background, teachings, and impact, we gain a more nuanced understanding of this captivating channel and its role in the lives of its viewers.

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