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Qazaqstan TV (Қазақстан Ұлттық Арнасы) is a Kazakhstani state-owned television channel. It was launched on September 1, 1958, and is the oldest television channel in Kazakhstan. Qazaqstan TV broadcasts in Kazakh and Russian languages and is available throughout Kazakhstan and in neighboring countries.

Qazaqstan TV is a general entertainment channel with a focus on news, current affairs, and cultural programming. It also broadcasts a variety of entertainment programs, including dramas, comedies, and music shows.

Some of Qazaqstan TV's most popular programs include:

  • Khabarlar (News): The channel's flagship news program, broadcast several times a day.
  • Akпарат (Information): A daily news and current affairs program.
  • Studiya Taqyryby (Studio Topic): A weekly talk show that discusses topical issues.
  • Kөңіл-күлкі (Fun and Laughter): A comedy show.
  • Әншілер (Singers): A music show featuring Kazakhstani singers.
  • Жұлдыздар фабрикасы (Star Factory): A reality singing competition.
  • Балалар әлемі (Children's World): A children's educational and entertainment program.

Qazaqstan TV's target audience is the general population of Kazakhstan, including Kazakh and Russian speakers. The channel's programming is designed to appeal to a wide range of viewers, from young children to older adults.

Qazaqstan TV's mission is to provide high-quality, informative, and entertaining programming to the people of Kazakhstan. The channel strives to promote Kazakhstani culture and values and to foster a sense of national unity.

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