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Al Kass Sports Channels is a group of eight sports channels that are broadcast 24/7 from Qatar. Its official name is Al Dawri wal Kass, which means The League and the Cup in Arabic since it was initially launched to broadcast domestic football in Qatar.

Al-Kass was launched in June 2006 as the second sports channel from Qatar after Al Jazeera Sports. In its first year, the channel won many viewers with its unmatched coverage of domestic sports, especially football. It also broadcast the 2006 Asian Games held in Doha.

It now also covers matches involving the Persian Gulf countries, notably FIFA World Cup qualifying matches, the AFC Asian Cup, and the Arabian Gulf Cup.

It has emerged as one of the most popular sports channels in Arabia. Al-Kass has now eight sports channels, four of them are FTA and the other four channels are encrypted with the Qatari pay-tv beIN Channels Network.

While AlKass TV boasts a diverse range of sports coverage, here are its two main and most distinctive content areas:

1. Extensive Focus on Qatari Domestic Sports: AlKass TV stands out for its deep dives into Qatari sports, particularly football. This includes:

  • Live broadcasts and in-depth analysis of Qatari Star League matches, the top tier of professional football in the country.
  • Dedicated programs showcasing local footballing talent and grassroots development.
  • Coverage of other domestic sports leagues and tournaments, such as handball and basketball.
  • News and updates specifically related to Qatari athletes and teams.

This focus caters to the strong local interest in domestic sports and helps foster a sense of national pride in Qatari sporting achievements.

2. Emphasis on Regional Sports: Beyond domestic coverage, AlKass TV prioritizes broadcasting popular regional sports, especially:

  • Football tournaments across the Middle East and North Africa, including major competitions like the AFC Champions League and the Arab Cup.
  • Handball and basketball leagues with strong regional followings.
  • Traditional and emerging sports are popular in the region, such as falconry and camel racing.

This focus reflects AlKass TV's commitment to serving a wider audience across the Arab world and showcasing the region's unique sporting landscape.

In summary, AlKass TV differentiates itself through its deep commitment to Qatari domestic sports and its emphasis on broadcasting popular regional sporting events, catering to both local and regional audiences.

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