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Discover the enchanting world of astrology and clairvoyance on Astro Center TV, France's premier channel. Explore live consultations, insightful documentaries, and mystical insights for a journey of self-discovery guided by the wisdom of the cosmos.

Astro Center TV's main and most distinctive content revolves around live consultations with astrologers and clairvoyants. This sets it apart from many other channels focused on general astrology concepts or pre-recorded documentaries. Here's a breakdown of its key features:

Live Consultations:

  • Viewers can watch real-time sessions between professional astrologers and callers seeking guidance on various life issues, such as love, career, finances, or personal growth.
  • This interactive format offers a sense of immediacy and personal connection compared to pre-recorded shows.
  • Viewers may feel they are witnessing real problems being addressed, potentially making the advice more relatable and engaging.


  • In addition to astrology, the channel features live consultations with clairvoyants who claim to possess extrasensory perception and offer insights into viewers' lives.
  • This adds a layer of mystical intrigue and attracts viewers interested in divination and spiritual guidance beyond pure astrological predictions.


While live consultations are the core, the channel also offers other content like:

  • Talk shows: Discussing astrology trends, celebrity horoscopes, and current events through an astrological lens.
  • Magazine-style features: Exploring topics like relationships, wellness, and careers from an astrological perspective.
  • Documentaries: Delving deeper into specific astrological concepts or the lives of renowned astrologers.


The live consultations and variety of content cater to a broad audience with diverse interests within the realm of astrology and clairvoyance.

Distinctive Approach:

Astro Center TV's focus on live consultations and clairvoyance creates a unique and interactive experience compared to other astrological channels, potentially fostering a stronger connection with its viewers.

However, it's important to acknowledge the criticisms about promoting pseudoscience and potentially encouraging dependence on astrological guidance.

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