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CNL Sibir serves as a vital platform for the global Kazakh community and offers a rich tapestry of programming that spans a wide range of interests, including Christian TV, church, events, the most beautiful films, current affairs, gospel, music, nature, news, services, society, and spiritual

CNL is the largest Christian television network that broadcasts in almost all countries of the world, is relayed on the Internet, in more than 400 cable networks and broadcast stations.

CNL was founded in 2000 and was broadcast in the largest cable networks of the city of Almaty (Kazakhstan), and since 2002 began broadcasting from the satellite.

CNL's audience is a Russian-speaking population living from the borders of Siberia and Central Asia to Israel, North Africa, Europe, and America. Viewers have access to Christian programs of educational, scientific, educational, evangelistic nature, news, children's and music programs.

Most broadcasters and program authors are world-famous preachers, teachers, evangelists, and priests. The purpose of the channel is to give Christian teachings through entertaining and inspirational forms of television broadcasting to bring life and hope in people's lives, thereby changing society, raising its moral and spiritual level.

The first step to making CNL multilingual was the opening of the CNL-Ukraine channel in Ukrainian on November 10, 2007. Its broadcasting is made from the Amos-2 satellite. CNL Channel sees its future not only in expanding the broadcasting area, but also in the implementation of numerous projects, such as the opening of CNL Deutsch TV channels, Children TV, TV Preacher, and its animation studios. CNLNEWS news agency has been launched and is actively functioning, informing CNL viewers about all the interesting events of the Christian world taking place in different countries.

Opened based on CNL in 2008, the Rupor TV channel is also unique. It allows everyone to start broadcasting their programs on satellite television. This is a completely new TV channel in form and content, created by the viewers themselves. Now, for every church, creative group and any person, the opportunity is opened to go on-air through the Christian television channel Rupor TV.

The creation of ZOOM in 2007 today allows people from different countries to understand the basics of television excellence. Within a few months, any person, both a beginner and an experienced one, will be able to learn something new here. At the end of ZOOM, a person can independently create a short film, interesting programs, news stories. The works of ZOOM alumni are broadcast today on the CNL and Bullhorn broadcast networks.

CNL Vision

CNL Christian Television seeks to preach the gospel to everyone: distant and near, all over the globe. We want to reveal Christ to millions of people, to help them to establish themselves in the truth, to become stronger in faith, to begin to live in purity, holiness, and righteousness. The most important goal of CNL is to bring the light of God to every home, to every heart, so that many people have the opportunity to hear about the salvation of Christ and be reconciled with God. Through the broadcasting of Christian programs, the Word of God comes into people's destinies, the Lord does His work, the Kingdom of God spreads and the fragrance of Christ's love heals many hearts.

CNL Goals

  • Produce quality digital content for Christian broadcasts. Present Christian teachings in various forms with the help of educational, evangelistic, children's, educational, musical programs.
  • Appreciate prayer, develop relations with other churches and organizations, so that through cooperation we can spread the Word of God through television programs, satellite, and cable television, and also through the Internet.
  • CNL’s 24-hour broadcasts offer Christian program authors the opportunity to broadcast their programs and make them available to a wider audience. In this way, the boundaries of ministry expand. CNL also provides professional translation and duplication services.
  • CNL’s audience is the Russian-speaking population living in satellite coverage. The long-term prospect is broadcasting in other languages ​​spoken by the population of countries and regions that are part of the satellite signal coverage area.

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