Discover KCHF TV-11, the first full-powered VHF Christian television station in the U.S., launched in 1984 by Belarmino "Blackie" Gonzalez. KCHF covers over 97% of New Mexico, offering local, national, and international Christian programming, including original shows. Accessible via OTA, satellite, cable systems, online streaming, Apple TV, and Roku, KCHF continues to spread its impactful Christian message.

Here are some key aspects that make KCHF-TV's content unique:

Focus on New Mexico: Although it features national and international Christian ministries, KCHF-TV heavily focuses on showcasing and serving the local New Mexico community. This is evident in shows like "Issues & Answers," hosted by Diane Kinderwater, which tackles public affairs specific to the state.

Diverse Christian Perspective: KCHF-TV presents many Christian voices and perspectives. While it maintains a core focus on mainstream Christian values, it also features programs like "Dr. Randy Weiss and Joshua Weiss" which explore the Jewish roots of Christianity. This diversity appeals to a wider audience within the Christian community.

Original Programming: Beyond rebroadcasts, KCHF-TV invests in creating its programs. This allows them to cater directly to the local audience's interests and needs, offering content unavailable elsewhere.

Community Engagement: KCHF-TV goes beyond broadcasting, actively engaging with the community through initiatives like outreach programs and events. This fosters a sense of connection and strengthens its role as a local Christian resource.

Accessibility: KCHF-TV's availability over the air, on satellite, cable, and online makes it accessible to a wider audience than many Christian stations. This inclusivity further emphasizes its commitment to serving the community.

While other Christian TV stations might share some of these features, KCHF-TV's strong local focus, diverse programming, and active community engagement create a unique combination that sets it apart in the Christian broadcasting landscape.


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