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TBN Enlace USA is a Spanish-language Christian television network that broadcasts a mix of religious programming, including church services, music, talk shows, and Bible teaching programs. It is part of the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), which is one of the largest religious television networks in the world. TBN Enlace USA serves Hispanic viewers in the United States and Latin America.

TBN Enlace USA: Connecting Hispanic Christians Across the World

For more than three decades, TBN Enlace USA has been one of the leading sources of Spanish-language Christian programming in the United States and Latin America. As part of the larger Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), the network has been instrumental in reaching Hispanic viewers with a mix of church services, music, talk shows, and Bible teaching programs.

History of TBN Enlace USA

TBN Enlace USA was established in 1988 by Paul and Jan Crouch, who wanted to reach out to the Spanish-speaking community in the United States. They launched the network with a mix of programming from TBN's existing library, as well as original content produced specifically for the network. Since then, TBN Enlace USA has grown to become one of the largest Hispanic Christian television networks in the world.

Programming on TBN Enlace USA

TBN Enlace USA's programming covers a wide range of topics, from preaching and worship to family and children's programming. The network features popular shows like "La Vida con Propósito" (Life with Purpose), which focuses on issues relevant to Hispanic families, and "La Fe de Jesús" (The Faith of Jesus), which explores the teachings of the Bible.

Other shows on TBN Enlace USA include music programs, such as "El Show de 3Cero9" (The 3Cero9 Show), which showcases Latin Christian music, and "Praise the Lord en Español" (Praise the Lord in Spanish), which features live performances from popular Christian artists.

Reach and Audience of TBN Enlace USA

TBN Enlace USA has a vast reach, with its programming available on a variety of platforms, including cable and satellite television, online streaming, and social media. The network's audience includes Spanish-speaking Christians in the United States and Latin America, as well as others interested in Christian programming in Spanish.

Impact of TBN Enlace USA

TBN Enlace USA has had a significant impact on its viewers and the Christian community at large. For many Spanish-speaking Christians, the network has been a valuable source of spiritual guidance and support. Viewers have shared testimonials of how TBN Enlace USA has helped them grow in their faith, find hope in difficult times, and connect with other believers.

TBN Enlace USA's Contribution to the Hispanic Christian Community

TBN Enlace USA has also been instrumental in supporting the Hispanic Christian community. The network has partnered with churches and organizations to provide resources and support for Hispanic families and communities. For example, TBN Enlace USA has hosted events like the "Hispanic Family Festival," which provides a fun and family-friendly environment for Hispanic families to connect and grow together.


As TBN Enlace USA continues to grow and expand its reach, it remains a valuable resource for Spanish-speaking Christians seeking spiritual guidance and support. Through its diverse programming and commitment to the Hispanic Christian community, TBN Enlace USA has become a beloved and respected voice in the world of Christian media. Whether you are a Spanish-speaking Christian or simply interested in exploring Christian programming in Spanish, TBN Enlace USA is a network worth checking out.


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