About Martí Noticias

Martí Noticias (TV Martí) is a Spanish-language news network that provides independent, objective news and information to the Cuban people. Launched in 1990, the network is headquartered in Miami, Florida, and is operated by the Office of Cuba Broadcasting, a division of the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG).

Martí Noticias covers a wide range of topics, including Cuban politics, human rights, economic issues, culture, and entertainment.

The network's programming includes:

  • News and Current Events: Martí Noticias provides up-to-date news coverage of Cuba and the world, with a focus on investigative journalism and exposing corruption and abuses.
  • Interviews and Documentaries: The network features in-depth interviews with Cuban experts, activists, and everyday citizens, as well as documentaries that shed light on important issues facing Cuba.
  • Cultural and Entertainment Programming: Martí Noticias also offers a variety of cultural and entertainment programming, including music, film, and literature.

Martí Noticias is available online, on satellite, and on some Cuban American television channels. Despite being regularly jammed by the Cuban government and having its website blocked, the network has a significant audience among the Cuban diaspora in the US and some viewers in Cuba who can access its content through satellite or streaming.

Martí Noticias is committed to providing the Cuban people with access to independent and uncensored information. The network plays a vital role in informing the Cuban people, supporting Cuban democracy activists and human rights organizations, and promoting a better understanding of Cuba within the international community.

Featured Programs:

  • Contacto Cuba: A daily news program that covers the latest developments in Cuba.
  • Cuba al Día: A weekly news magazine that provides in-depth analysis of current events in Cuba.
  • Voces: A weekly talk show that features interviews with Cuban experts, activists, and everyday citizens.
  • La hora de Cuba: A weekly documentary series that explores important issues facing Cuba.
  • Arte y Cultura: A weekly program that showcases Cuban music, film, and literature.

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