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TV Encontro das Águas is a Brazilian television station based in Manaus, affiliated with TV Brasil, offering educational and public programming. Owned by the Government of the State of Amazonas, it reaches over 20 municipalities with digital signals and produces content broadcast nationally. With a mission to provide quality information and education, the station has expanded its coverage with retransmitters in cities like Itacoatiara and Rio Preto da Eva, becoming a vital source of news, entertainment, and cultural integration for the people of Amazonas.

Dive into the heart of the Amazon with TV Encontro das Águas!

Tired of the same old national broadcasts? Crave a deeper connection to the vibrant Amazon? Look no further than TV Encontro das Águas, your gateway to the rich tapestry of this remarkable region!

Here's what makes Encontro das Águas truly unique:

  • Amazonian Lens: Witness the Amazon through local eyes, with programming that delves into its unique culture, history, and contemporary issues.
  • Education at Its Core: Learn from the experts and engage with thought-provoking content on crucial topics like education, environment, and social development.
  • Amplifying Indigenous Voices: Hear directly from the communities who call the Amazon home, appreciating their perspectives and rich cultural heritage.
  • Local Spotlight: Discover the hidden gems of Amazonas! Encontro das Águas celebrates local talent, stories, and artistic expressions.
  • Championing Social Change: Be inspired by programs that promote sustainable practices, environmental conservation, and human rights, encouraging viewers to make a positive impact.
  • Bilingual Bridge: Immerse yourself in the linguistic diversity of the Amazon, with programming that embraces both Portuguese and indigenous languages.

More than just a TV station, Encontro das Águas is a vital platform for understanding, appreciating, and engaging with the Amazon. Tune in and discover a world unlike any other!

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