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Terceiro Anjo TV is a Brazilian non-profit television network affiliated with ASDEIH-Brasil (Social Assistance for Development and Humanitarian Integration), a Christian non-governmental organization established in 2012 to promote education, health, missions, and Christian values. Terceiro Anjo TV broadcasts a variety of programs, including religious services, educational programs, children's programs, and family entertainment programs.

Terceiro Anjo TV's main and distinctive content can be summarized by four key points:

1. Christian Focus: As a network affiliated with a Christian NGO, its programming heavily revolves around promoting Christian values, faith, and lifestyle. This likely includes sermons, religious services, and programs exploring Biblical themes.

2. Broad Educational Range: Though faith-based, they extend beyond purely religious content. Their educational programs touch on various subjects like health, development, and humanitarian efforts, reflecting ASDEIH-Brasil's broader social goals.

3. Family-Friendly Entertainment: They offer programs specifically designed for children and families, aiming to provide wholesome and values-driven entertainment options. This could include cartoons, shows with positive messages, or family-oriented game shows.

4. Community & Service: Their programming might also highlight the work of ASDEIH-Brasil and similar organizations, showcasing their humanitarian projects and community-building initiatives. This aspect could involve documentaries, volunteer testimonials, or fundraising campaigns.

Distinctive Element: While many networks offer religious or family-friendly content, Terceiro Anjo TV's unique combination of faith-based programming, diverse educational topics, and wholesome entertainment within a community-focused approach sets them apart.

Remember, this information is based on publicly available information, and specific program details might vary. They could offer additional distinctive content not mentioned here.

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