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About Bethel TV

Bethel TV is a Live TV from Peru that broadcasts Christian TVs, church, history, and FM radio programs and offers a rich tapestry of programming that spans a wide range of interests

Bethel Televisión is a Peruvian open television channel that broadcasts from the district of La Victoria on the UHF frequency of Lima by the Bethel Cultural Association, which is in turn sponsored by the Evangelical World Missionary Church.

The history of the channel begins in 1987 when the Cuban Reverend Rodolfo González Cruz attended the International Christian Congress that was held in Panama. In 1988, he rented television spaces in several cities in Peru. In 1990, space "La Hora de la Transformación" was launched in Lima on the Global Televisión channel.

In 1995, a problem with the church's infrastructure led to the construction of a new 17-story building to install equipment to operate a television channel and a radio station. The channel was about to lose the authorization granted by the Ministry of Transportation and Communications, but, after some steps, it was authorized to operate and began broadcasting in November 1998, on the 63 UHF frequency in Lima.

Bethel Televisión formally joined the World Missionary Movement in 1999 and moved to Channel 25 UHF. Therefore, a reopening ceremony was carried out by the station on January 27, 2000. Likewise, the channel began a nationwide expansion plan, with the launch of Bethel Satellite Television and the progressive installation of 47 repeater stations, In addition to entering into contracts with more than 200 local cable operators.

The channel was launched on digital terrestrial television in 2012, within channel 25.1 of Lima. At the same time, it ceased its analog broadcasts in Lima and Callao.

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