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Family TV, East and Central Africa’s largest Christian television broadcaster, and Kenya's most-watched Faith channel are now all over Africa. Family TV offers 24 hours of local and international shows ranging from health, and music to social issues, faith, and inspirational programming that appeal to people in various denominations.

Founded in 1999, Family Media, which is home to both Family TV and Family Radio 316, has over the years aired programs that cover all elements of the Christian entertainment spectrum, to cater to the needs of the whole family.

It airs children, youth and family shows that all carry a message of hope, peace, and love. It is the best form of programming that seeks to nurture good God-inspired morals in people so as to improve society as a whole.

Family TV's main and distinctive content can be summarized as follows:

Main Content:

  • Christian faith and inspiration: This is the core theme of Family TV, evident in all their programming, regardless of category (health, music, social issues, etc.). They aim to inspire viewers to have a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ and live according to Christian values.
  • Family-friendly: Targeting viewers of all ages, their content avoids anything overtly mature or controversial, aiming to be suitable for families to watch together.
  • Variety: While faith-based, their programming goes beyond strictly religious topics, encompassing themes like health, music, current events, and social issues, offering a well-rounded viewing experience.

Distinctive Content:

  • African perspective: Being the largest independent Christian media company in Africa, they likely offer content that resonates with African audiences, addressing local issues and perspectives within a Christian framework.
  • Local productions: They produce original content alongside international shows, potentially featuring local artists, stories, and voices, making their programming unique.
  • Emphasis on values: They aim to promote positive values like love, hope, peace, and good morals through their content, distinguishing them from purely secular entertainment channels.

Overall, Family TV's unique blend of faith-based inspiration, family-friendly variety, and African perspective sets it apart from other Christian and even secular TV channels.

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