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Ishtar TV (Syriac: ܥܫܬܪ‎, after the Assyro-Babylonian goddess, Ishtar) is an Assyrian broadcasting channel which has its headquarters in Ankawa, Iraq. It was established by Sarkis Aghajan and was led by George Mansour, who was Ishtar TV's first General Manager, in 2005. The network broadcasts mostly in Syriac, but Arabic and Kurdish are heard throughout the day as well.

Ishtar Broadcasting Corporation is a TV channel that specializes in Chaldean Syriac Assyrian affairs headquartered in Ankawa, Iraq. The channel broadcasts daily news, Syriac-oriented programming, as well as the latest in entertainment.

The name of Ishtar was chosen after the ancient Assyrian goddess Ishtar, who was the symbol of love, fertility, beauty, and tenderness.

For a long the Chaldean Syriac Assyrian people whose civilization and national identity were marginalized and obliterated. With Ishtar TV our people can raise their voices, claiming their national rights and finally proclaiming their national identity, culture, traditions, and civilization. It is a bridge that connects our people in their motherland with our people in the diaspora.

Ishtar TV tries to emphasize the usage of the Syriac language as much as possible as it's the language that unites all Chaldean Syriac Assyrians. The channel seeks to revive it and develop it through several programs targeting the new generation in order to keep it from disappearing.

Ishtar TV is also Iraqi, culturally-speaking and it deals with Iraqi affairs in general, and our people's affairs in particular. The channel uses three languages; Syriac, Arabic, and Kurdish. It highlights the concerns of all Iraqi components with logic and balance in hopes of spreading harmony, peace, and love. The channel renounces all forms of violence and discrimination in Iraq.

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