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About TV 9 Surabaya

TV 9 Surabaya is a Live TV from Indonesia that broadcasts islamic world, muslim world, and religious programs and offers a rich tapestry of programming that spans a wide range of interests

TV9 is managed by PT. Da'wah Inti Media, a company owned by KH. Moh. Including socio-religious organization Nahdlatul Ulama (PWNU) East Java. TV9 was launched on January 31, 2010, by Soekarwo as part of a birthday celebration Nahdlatul Ulama 84th.

TV9 has gained the Provider License Broadcasting principle dated July 7, 2009, and Broadcasting Provider License remains dated July 23, 2012, from the Minister of Communication and Information of the Republic of Indonesia to broadcast as a local private broadcaster to Surabaya/East Java. TV9 was on Channel 42 UHF.

TV9 started broadcasting on January 31, 2010, and focuses on programs broadcast Islamic nuances. In accordance with its development, TV9 has been a TV commercial that still offers a variety of program offerings that still carry the tradition of the Muslims in particular for the Surabaya area. With the theme of "polite soothing" made television TV9 as the best religion in Indonesia.

In Indonesia, Muslim traditions often identified by NU, the largest religious social organization. In order to maintain the Muslim tradition, NU creating TV9 as media provide information and entertainment around the Muslim tradition. Presentation religious program was created to preserve and cultivate the tradition of the Muslims in particular for the Surabaya area, where TV9 is.

Event programs, titled Islamic propaganda intended to make the message of Islam can be impregnated by the audience and the expected messages packaged in a program can be put into practice by the public. The program is packed with events presented as attractive as possible without losing the identity of the Muslim tradition presented by TV9.

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