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Pijar TV is a Live TV from Indonesia that broadcasts cultural programs, gospel, news and current affairs, and religious programs and offers a rich tapestry of programming that spans a wide range of interests

PIJAR TV presents programs that lead us to a deeper understanding of the God we trust. All variations of the PIJAR TV program aim at one important thing that God stated, "Go and make disciples of all nations."

We are very proud of the development of media in Indonesia. We cannot deny, the media are able to have a massive impact, both positively and negatively. The difference is that in other developed countries, television media still play a major role in our society - often even television media content is able to shape public opinion.

And. While many media content creators view this phenomenon as a way to mastermind the public based on various agendas, PIJAR TV sees that this is our chance to use this forum together to make disciples of this nation.

In the midst of the polemic occurring in the political and religious sphere that is confusing our nation. Amid the anger of many extremist groups who are blinded by hatred of the government that is trying to uphold justice. It comes with an invitation for us all to arouse our courage to carry out the Mandate Great.

"Go and make disciples of all nations".

PIJAR TV aims to make disciples of Indonesia through broadcast content that is based on a correct understanding of the Word of God, which is in the right context of truth, packaged in a contextual format with culture and love for Indonesia and all its diversity.

Each of us responds to the Great Commission of Christ in different ways in different calls. This is our response. Preaching the gospel of the kingdom of God through television media.

May only His name be proclaimed and His glory revealed through each program that we air.

Congratulations on watching PIJAR TV - Light for Indonesia!

Your support for PIJAR TV enables our non-profit ministry to broadcast the News of the Love of Christ to all corners of Indonesia; bringing hope to a nation that needs truth, care, and a beautiful relationship with God.

We realize that the Indonesian people need clear reporting about the truth of God's Word in a contextual, interesting and easily understood format. In every telling of this truth, we try to convey it with love, so as to bring recovery to the viewers.

* PIJAR TV is under the auspices of the Indonesian non-profit Media Services Foundation. Your donation will be deducted from the tax by identifying charitable contributions.

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