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Persiana TV is a Live TV from France that broadcasts cultural programs, the most beautiful films, magazine, news and current affairs, and FM radio programs and offers a rich tapestry of programming that spans a wide range of interests

Persiana TV is a French registered company W751240792 Bringing waves of culture to Persian speaking people around the world. Our satellite coverage covers Europe, North Africa, and the middle east. We have branch offices in France. Turkey and Tajikistan.

Persiana Media Group has been active in broadcasts of Persiana TV, Persiana Radio Group, Persiana Magazine, Persiana Event, and Persiana Productions for the past six years.

Currently, Persiana TV Group is a guest of the Persian language with 4 active television networks and as the only active television group in the Persian market, it has a full coverage of African, Asian and European countries.

Pershiana Magazines are active in five sections of Pershiana Magazine and Pershiana and Persiana News Magazine fortnightly.

In the field of radio, the independent radio of Persiana Group has been operating since year 5.

In the Persiana event section, the collection has two European Persian Language Arts Festival events and the first Persiana Short Film Festival will be held in the summer.

In the section of Persiana Production, technical activities and programming of many Persian networks are currently performed by Persiana Production.

Persiana's efforts have been and continue to promote Persian culture and entertainment programs far from any political orientation.

The complex currently has offices in Paris and Dubai.

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