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CBC Sofra is a Live TV from Egypt that broadcasts artistic, dramas, economics and finance, news and current affairs, religious, talk shows, travel, and women's programs's program programs and offers a rich tapestry of programming that spans a wide range of interests

CBC TV Center is one of the most important and largest satellite channels networks in Egypt and the Arab world and includes a distinguished group of public and specialized satellite broadcasting channels (CBC - CBC extra news - CBC Drama - CBC Sofra).

The CBC TV Center offers everything that matters to the viewer from a distinct, interesting and useful TV material in all aspects of life, whether on the religious, political, economic or social level, and understands the importance and sensitivity of that stage that Egypt and the Arab world go through, and from here understands the importance of addressing society, family and the individual At the same time, meeting their real needs in knowledge, because it is the ideal way that gives the viewer the opportunity to form his own point of view without guardianship or direction.

We realize and realize that this stage is redrawn the features of society and its emotional composition, and from here we seek to be present to meet the needs of people and allow them to vary their spectrums, attitudes, and affiliation, to draw in the conscience of this country a picture without frills that the viewer sees without a mediator.

Our screen includes a professional team of senior media professionals, their ideas may differ and their attitudes may be different, but they all agree on the professionalism, credibility, love, and sincerity of this country, and we bet on them and with them that we become the kiss of the viewer, decision-makers, opinion leaders, political, scientific and cultural elites, before that and after that yet we bet To be at the forefront of the channels that have the trust of the viewer and at the same time have the highest viewership.

The CBC Channels Network started the launch of the first public channel in July 2011, which bore the name of CBC, and after its overwhelming success, two new channels, CBC + 2, presented a replay of what CBC had offered two hours later, then CBC Drama, which specializes in Egyptian or Turkish dramas or other series that Hold other nationalities.

According to the network’s strategy to grow, expand, and communicate with new and different segments of viewers, the middle of 2013 witnessed the launch of CBC Sofra as the first specialized cooking channel in Egypt, and from the same perspective, and with the beginning of 2014, the CBC Extra channel that specialized in transmitting what is happening in Egypt was launched around the clock And provide direct coverage of events that take place anywhere and anytime.

At the CBC television center, events seek for you, news searches for you, and political stars, art, literature, sports, and cooking come to you, knocking on your door, the finest scholars, clergy, and professors of psychiatry and cosmetology, and whoever and what comes to your mind, the minister and the forgiver, the president, and the citizen, the ship and the Tok Tok, the sky The earth, the hustle, and bustle.

With CBC, nothing is missing.


CBC is an Egyptian channel that was born after the January 25 revolution and was born in difficult circumstances, to perform an impossible task, as it must be the compass of the viewer in the maze of events, and his eye in the fog of the scene, it must be his mind and heart throbbing with the love of Egypt.

CBC was established to be a model for modern media aimed at enlightenment, not indoctrination, a media that respects all trends and trends and provides the opportunity for all ideas and people, and hence diversity has become a home of its distinctiveness, secret of its impact and the origin of its success.

CBC broadcasts from Cairo on 11488 Horizontal-NileSat, and it started broadcasting on July 2, 2011.

CBC Drama

The second channel joins the CBC satellite channel group. And it started broadcasting at the beginning of Ramadan 2011, to be among the 10 strongest local channels.

The channel offers a continuous presentation of the series that you are watching some of them for the first time only on its screen. It also shows you the classics of Egyptian drama and selects the best Turkish series for you, which has received the highest viewing rates.

Among exclusive series and modern and old series, we are always keen on choosing what brings you enjoyment and entertainment .. We take you out to a new world that differs with your world sometimes and at other times it is similar and is intertwined with it in aspirations, frustrations, conflict, and love.

On CBC Drama, live with us the most beautiful stories of love, politics, and laughter. We are always keen to be the first channel for the family and take all considerations to achieve this.

CBC trip

CBC Safarah is a culinary channel. It broadcasts 24 hours a day for Egypt and the Arab world. It aims to introduce viewers of Arab TV channels to various menus and dishes

From sincere affection, the channel hopes to build a cultural bridge between different societies, whether inside or outside Egypt, and CBC Travel will offer a new level of good taste.

We target 50% of the Egyptian people, and since the female audience represents almost 50% of the Egyptian society, the CBC Channels Group decided to offer them a channel specialized in culinary arts to help them promote different cooking methods and enable them to provide a new and varied journey in their homes.

CBC Sufra will offer new and varied cooking recipes for different categories of women, whether they are new brides who want to learn to cook or housewives who want to add a touch to change their usual trip.

The CBC trip team

The Sofra team is a group of chefs, including professional ones, among whom professionally cook without professionalism. They were carefully chosen for their ability to communicate with viewers of all categories. This is not their only advantage, but they are also chosen for their playful, close-up characters. With this blend of experience and charismatic personalities, we promise exciting and entertaining cooking experiences.

Extra News

The largest Egyptian channel of its kind in the field of news within the group of CBC channels, broadcasting its news services and programs 24 hours on air and without stopping

In a precedent, it is the first of its kind in Egypt, and it provides diversified and powerful news content from Egypt, the Arab region and the world with young faces on high efficiency through five major news releases and news summaries on top of the clock and 24 hours from the latest studio equipped with international technical specifications to provide a high-quality picture Of sophisticated decorations, and is characterized by periods of open coverage throughout the day that transmit political, social, cultural, artistic, sporting and economic activities from Egypt and Arab and international capitals, and the channel includes a strong network of correspondents from Egypt and the important capitals of the world.

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