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About Delta TV

Delta TV is a Live TV from Bulgaria that broadcasts business news, news and current affairs, FM radio, talk shows, and technology programs and offers a rich tapestry of programming that spans a wide range of interests. Delta TV is its own polythematic TV channel with current news.

We have an equipped TV studio, which shoots news programs, own shows, and commercials. We offer a wide range of business services through which you can easily and safely promote your ideas with our help to a wide audience in three areas - Ruse, Razgrad, and Silistra.


Who are we?

DELTA Ltd. was established in 1995 in the city of Ruse in order to build and operate cable telecommunications networks in the city of Ruse and the region. We were the first to start broadcasting digital programs on a cable network in Ruse in 2005. We started with 50 TV programs with standard resolution and several radio programs. Following the trends in the development of the dynamic telecommunication market, we broadcast almost all digital TV programs offered on the Bulgarian market. We offer many high definition HDTVs, 3D HDTV, and the latest 4K UHDTV.

Since 2005 we also offer high-speed internet access via optical cables.

What are we doing?

We have the most modern IP-based equipment, production of leading companies in the industry, which in addition to high technical performance has great flexibility, allowing rapid response to changes in signal sources and providing optimal service for each subscriber to every home in Ruse and the population. places from Ruse, Razgrad, and Silistra districts where we have our networks.

The TV package that is broadcast on our network is carefully selected to meet the needs of information and entertainment of even our most capricious client. The packages in the digital platform are not coded as with our competitors, which allows their reception on all TVs in your home with built-in digital receivers, without a limit on the number and without additional fees. For those subscribers who do not have modern TV sets, we offer external digital devices with which your "old" TV works as "new" when concluding a fixed-term contract.

What do we offer?

Internet connectivity and all analog and digital TV programs available on the Bulgarian market. All services are delivered to the customer by one cable, and the structure of the network includes an underground optical cable to each building built using PON technology - a passive optical network. This is the most modern technology for building telecommunication cable networks. The main advantages of this technology are:

  • Extremely high data transfer speed - up to 10,000 Mbps;
  • High reliability of the connection - without interruptions in case of electric shocks and natural disasters;
  • Delivery to the client of all services by one cable;

Subscribers of other operators, which are not included in PON networks, receive the three main services - TV, Internet and telephone two, and in some cases three different cables. Television via coaxial cable, internet via UTP cable and telephone via a twisted pair telephone cable. Often the UTP cable hangs from the roof and enters externally through the window, which leads to interruption of signals during thunderstorms and rain, and frequent damage to the receiving devices at the subscriber.

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