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About BGTV

BGTV is a Live TV from Bulgaria that broadcasts insightful documentaries, movies, music, talk shows, and technology programs and offers a rich tapestry of programming that spans a wide range of interests

BGTV is a Bulgarian satellite TV channel, which is distributed since 1997 and it's located in Sofia. Initially, it was known as BKTV but from 6 June 2006 it has the current name, sometimes spelled 'Bulgaria TV'. The channel mainly runs general programming.

National Over-the-air Television “Bulgaria TV” (BG TV) was established from “Bulgaria Cable TV” Ltd. and is being broadcasted since the beginning of 1997 – initially with the name “Bulgaria Cable TV”. From 20.04.2005 the television was acquired by new owners – Georgi Bednikov and Dimitar Bednikov and from 01.06.2006г. the channel has a new name and brand which is BGTV.

“Bulgaria TV” (BGTV) is being broadcasted via many different channels like:

  • Cable networks in the country
  • Online worldwide via the web site of the television: www.bgtv-tv.com
  • Via major IPTV companies in Bulgaria

From 21.05.2010 National Over-the-air Television, “Bulgaria TV” (BG TV) won a tender for License for television channels distribution via networks for terrestrial digital broadcasting with national coverage, which is an absolute success and major strategic step proving the company policy to be a leader in latest technology implementations as well.

BGTV (Bulgaria TV) is the top private television to broadcast in Bulgaria with a national over-the-air digital license. The company was established in 1997 and 2005 it was acquired by its current owners who are two brothers.

The audience comprises of viewers from all over the world. BGTV offers a unique content which includes top quality movies and shows, a diverse music program of all genres, animations, documentaries as well as their production shows.

The television is broadcast through satellite, cable and is also viewed for free from all over the world, through a unique online system for real-time broadcasting, developed by them. BGTV and Gordimy TV are part of one media group.

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