About Al Tanasuh TV

Al Tanasuh TV is an Islamic TV channel. The channel strives to Contribute to the preservation of the Libyan identity, keeping national security. The message of the channel is to call for the religion of Allah and advice to the Muslims and his law arbitration, and participate in the reform of the Libyan society, especially the public and the Muslim community.

Al Tanasheh Foundation is a charitable institution, whose seed was the first site of Al Tanasheh for the virtue of the Mufti, may God protect him, and it is now striving, according to programs designed with God Almighty’s help, to expand its activities and purposes.

The objectives can be summarized in the following:

  1. Calling to the religion of God Almighty and communicating with the scholars, students, and the general public, to counsel and cooperate on the goodness to contribute to building the state. The Almighty said: “And cooperate on righteousness and piety.”
  2. Delivering authentic, authentic and documented legal knowledge to those who seek it through the support of religious scholars and requesting them to carry out their responsibilities that God has entrusted to them and in which the covenant and the Charter were taken upon them. God Almighty said: “To show it to the people and do not conceal it.”
  3. Linking legal education to worldly education, which is indispensable for taking life’s reasons, by providing training centers, and strengthening the factor of human development in society in general, and among students of legal knowledge in particular.
  4. Attention to spreading general culture by contributing to the provision of teaching aids to all sectors of society, such as libraries and modern means of communication.
  5. Contributing to filling the emerging vacuum in the arena from the lack of meaningful Islamic media, which maintains the basic identity

Disclaimer: We legally provide links to other sites such as YouTube, Twitch, and Dailymotion. We do not host or upload any media and are not responsible for the legality of content on linked sites. For legal issues, please contact the media file owners directly.

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