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TBN Nejat's story is not just about spreading the gospel; it's a testament to the power of perseverance, divine guidance, and collaboration. From a single phone call to a beacon of hope shining across continents, Nejat's journey continues to illuminate the lives of millions searching for the light of Christ.

A Gospel Light in the Darkness: TBN Nejat's Remarkable Journey

From a single call to a beacon of hope for millions: Reza Safa's story is one of unwavering faith and the transformative power of the gospel message. Born into a devout Shi'ite Muslim family in Iran, Safa's life took a remarkable turn when he encountered Jesus Christ while living in Sweden. This personal transformation ignited a passion to share the light of Christ with his homeland, where religious restrictions kept millions in spiritual darkness.

Paving the Path: For over a decade, Safa's prayers for a revival in Iran echoed in the heavens. In 2003, those prayers began to manifest as he started producing simple Christian programs in Farsi. The day those programs hit the airwaves became a turning point. Safa received call after call from Iranians eager to embrace Jesus as their Savior. This outpouring of interest confirmed the stirring of a revival, not just in Iran, but across the entire Middle East.

A Vision Takes Flight: Recognizing the need for a full-time platform, Safa embarked on a mission to launch a 24/7 Farsi-language Christian network. Despite initial setbacks, a pivotal meeting with Dr. Paul Crouch, founder of the Trinity Broadcasting Network, changed everything. Crouch, already feeling a divine call to reach the Middle East, enthusiastically embraced Safa's vision.

Nejat Takes Center Stage: In March 2006, TBN Nejat Television became a reality. With the backing of TBN's expertise and resources, Nejat flooded the airwaves with transformative Christian programming, reaching far beyond Iran to Afghanistan, Africa, Europe, and even the United States.

From Seeds to a Forest: Today, countless Muslims who once lived in isolation from the gospel message have 24/7 access to the truth through satellite and online platforms like TBN's mobile app. The impact is undeniable: millions have come to faith, and hundreds of calls daily pour into Nejat's call center, each a testament to the network's life-changing influence.

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