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This is a TV channel broadcasting from Serbia. This is the channel you can watch online at home or on-the-go. On your mobile devices has been connected to the internet, including phones, tablet, PC/laptop, Android devices, iPhone/iPad, and Smart TV. And we are one of the providers of internet television signals that you can use to access. The channel provides it's an online stream with the best video quality.

Watch RTV 1 live stream. Serbia TV channels

 Posted on June 15, 2014, and last modified on 2 weeks ago.

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Due to differences in connectivity, there may be times where the live feed or live score does not update quickly; please refresh the page if you experience any issues.

This webcast is delayed slightly from the televised broadcast, up to approximately 60 seconds, depending upon your internet connection speed and computer configuration. Please keep this in mind when calling in with requests.

We will always try to updating this tv channel so that you can watch comfortably. We re-publish content from the third-party television stations, sometimes susceptible to interference from television broadcast sources that we take to be embedded in this page.

If you find the RTV 1 channel that is not working properly, please visit the official website for the RTV 1.

If you already have the player or program installed (plugin) and still do not see the signal, please click on the "Report Broken" button.


The Public Broadcasting Service of Vojvodina was founded in 1974 as Radio Television of Novi Sad, named after Novi Sad, the capital of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, as an equal member of the association of JRT – Yugoslav Radio Television. Radio Novi Sad's first broadcast was on November 29, 1949.

In May 2006, Radio Television of Serbia was divided into two public broadcasting institutions: Radio Television of Serbia based in Belgrade, and Radio-Television of Vojvodina based in Novi Sad.

During the NATO bombing in the spring of 1999, the RT Novi Sad building of 20 thousand square meters was completely destroyed along with its basic production and technical premises. The Venac terrestrial broadcasting site was heavily damaged. After the fall of 1999, the remaining equipment was transferred to three rented buildings, which is where production and broadcasting have continued up until the present day.

The Broadcasting Institution of Vojvodina, Radio-Television of Vojvodina, is now a Regional Public Service Broadcasting Institution which produces and broadcasts regional programming on two channels, RTV1 and RTV2, and three radio frequencies, all of which broadcast 24 hours a day. Programming is produced and broadcast in 10 languages, each with their own editorial team and includes Serbian and nine languages of the minority communities living in Vojvodina: Hungarian, Slovak, Romanian, Ruthenian, Ukrainian, Roma, Croatian, Macedonian, and Bunjevac, among others.

Also inside the Radio Novi Sad building is a studio-concert hall, Studio M, which officially opened in 1965. Studio M's acoustics is one of its most valuable features. Numerous concerts have taken place in this hall and have covered a broad range of styles including classical music, jazz, ethnic, rock and more alternative sounds.

The RTV web portal was launched six years ago and since then has delivered the latest breaking news, news videos and current top stories from Vojvodina and around the world covering politics, society, culture, and entertainment. Some news is also available in Hungarian.

RTV's portal was the first—and until recently, the only one—in Serbia to introduce a special service called "Read for Me" designed for the blind and visually impaired.

Today, Radio-Television of Vojvodina has over 1200 employees and several hundred freelancers who constantly work together to produce high-quality programming on all channels 24/7.

The Program Council of RUV-RTV is appointed by Assembly of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina and the advisory team is formed by individuals from different branches.


RTV is a public broadcasting service of Vojvodina that produces and broadcasts high-quality television, radio, and multimedia programming in Serbian and minority languages which informs, educates and entertains the population of Vojvodina and also helps to maintain the region's unique diversity.

Moving forward towards change!

We are moving forward—to distance ourselves from a time when public broadcasting was often uncontrolled and misused.

We are moving forward—by changing our programming to better represent you, your needs, pursuits, challenges, and successes. We are learning how to see the world from the perspective of both the individual and the community.

We are trying to find the answers you need, to offer you diverse content and factual information that will enable you to see the whole picture more clearly. Our arts and entertainment shows will refresh and relax you, and authentic scenes from both history and modern, everyday life will expand your horizons.

In short, we are moving forward in order to be an honest and authentic intermediary. We want to be believable, to be a witness to the life and to gain your trust.


Radio-Television of Vojvodina (RTV) is a Regional Public Service that produces and broadcasts regional radio and TV programming 24 hours a day in 10 languages: Serbian, Hungarian, Slovak, Romanian, Ruthenian, Bunjevac, Ukrainian, Roma, Croatian and Macedonian.

Programming is broadcast on two television and three radio channels.

On Channel 1, RTV broadcasts content in Serbian as well as a show called Palette which is prepared by minority editorial offices and which is broadcast in minority languages with Serbian subtitles. Channel 2 broadcasts programming from the minority editorial offices in the minority community languages.

Radio 1 is broadcast in Serbian, Radio 2 in Hungarian and content for Radio 3 is prepared by editorial offices from the remaining national minority languages (Slovak, Romanian, Ruthenian, Ukrainian, Roma, Bunjevac, Macedonian and Croatian).

We are not affiliated in any way with the broadcast “RTV 1” nor responsible for their contents. All contents are copyright of “RTV 1” respective owners.

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