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Dua Channel (قناة الدعاء الفضائية) is an Iraqi satellite television channel that broadcasts religious and cultural programs. It was founded in 2003 and is based in Karbala, Iraq. In essence, Dua Channel's main and distinctive content lies in its blend of religious knowledge, cultural exploration, and live event coverage, all presented within the framework of Shia Islam and tailored to an Arabic-speaking, Iraqi audience.

Religious Focus:

  • Lectures and sermons: The channel features prominent Shiite scholars delivering lectures and sermons on various religious topics, including Quranic interpretation, Islamic law, and current affairs from a Shiite perspective.
  • Documentaries: Dua Channel produces documentaries exploring Islamic history and culture, often highlighting the contributions and perspectives of Shia figures and communities.
  • Programs on Islamic law and jurisprudence: The channel delves into Islamic law (Fiqh) and jurisprudence (Usul al-Fiqh) through dedicated programs, catering to viewers seeking a deeper understanding of Shiite legal principles and practices.

Cultural Content:

  • Children's programs: The channel airs educational and entertaining programs specifically designed for children, promoting Islamic values and cultural awareness within a Shiite context.
  • Entertainment programs: Dua Channel offers a variety of entertainment programs, including game shows, talk shows, and even music programs featuring nasheeds (Islamic devotional songs) popular among Shiite audiences.

Live Coverage:

  • Religious events: The channel stands out for its live coverage of major Shiite religious events, such as the Arbaeen pilgrimage (commemorating the martyrdom of Imam Hussein) and the Ashura commemorations (marking the anniversary of Imam Hussein's death). This live coverage allows viewers from all over the world to participate virtually in these significant events.

Distinctive Elements:

  • Karbala-based: Dua Channel's location in Karbala, a holy city for Shiites, imbues its content with a unique perspective and connection to important pilgrimage sites and shrines.
  • Arabic-language: The channel primarily broadcasts in Arabic, catering to the vast Arabic-speaking Shiite population across the Middle East and North Africa.
  • Iraq-centric: While covering broader Islamic themes, Dua Channel often focuses on issues and events relevant to the Iraqi Shiite community, reflecting its local context and audience.

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