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Public on June 15, 2014, and last updated 8 months ago.
Get breaking Lithuania and world news or catch up with the latest stories, clips, and programs from your favorite shows. The “Pukas TV” brings you breaking news coverage and live streaming from Pukas TV live will help you stay up to date on the events shaping on around the world.

It is one of the strongest national broadcasters in the country.

UAB “Pūkas” was established on August 27, 1991. It is the first company in Lithuania to start operating only in the field of music. We have released over 16,000 Lithuanian songs of various genres to the market and accumulated in collections.

During the Soviet occupation, Lithuanian songs were expelled from the radio and unwanted in the then regime. Lithuanian radio played only songs that were comfortable for that historical period, which, as the KGB said, did not have a "national scent". After the restoration of independence in Lithuania, all commercial television and radio stations turned like a pendulum in the opposite direction, to the Western-style. Once again, there were no opportunities for the development of the Lithuanian music market in Lithuania. We have chosen a difficult mission - to bring Lithuanian music back to Lithuania for Lithuanians. To create opportunities for a Lithuanian music product to compete in the domestic market.

In developing its business, UAB Pūkas faced serious problems - mass production and distribution of “pirated” products in Lithuania. 1994 In February, we applied to the General Prosecutor's Office of Lithuania regarding illegal reproduction and distribution of products. In response to our requests, the Prosecutor General's Office, in cooperation with the Economic Crime Investigation Service, has filed over 30 criminal cases. These were the first criminal cases (in the former Soviet Union) brought under Article 142 of the CC of the Republic of Lithuania (for copyright infringements).

In this way, a strong blow to the "pirates" was dealt with. With the emergence of a legal product on the market (then there were only audio cassettes and tapes), the legal market for Lithuanian music began to develop. There was never a Lithuanian music trade in the Lithuanian market and no commercial radio and television station broadcasted Lithuanian music, so the demand was very high. Sound studios began to set up, and professional developers and performers returned to the stage. Soon the competitiveness of Lithuanian products strongly outpaced music sales in other countries.

In order to unite the forces of Lithuanian music performers, authors and publishers, UAB Pūkas initiated the establishment of the Lithuanian Music Industry Association (LMIA) and established it. This non-governmental organization was founded in 1995. It brought together the largest Lithuanian music producers and distributors. LMIA has always participated in the development and improvement of copyright and related rights laws and a harmonious system of intellectual property protection and administration in Lithuania. She is the founder of the related rights agency AGATA.

1995 September 21 UAB Pūkas submitted a request to the Communications Regulatory Authority to obtain a frequency for broadcasting a radio program in Kaunas. I made a decision to establish a radio station "Pūkas". We started preparing for constructions and reconstructions, adapting the living quarters to the work of the radio station.

It was decided to build its own tower to install radio antennas on Šaldytuvų Street in Kaunas. It is one of the highest places in Kaunas, 110 m. above sea level. 1996 March 7 we finished the work. The call signs of the first radio station "Pūkas" broadcasting only in Lithuanian sounded on the air in Kaunas county.

With the expansion of activities in 1998. We submitted the RTK development plan in preparation for the creation of the second radio station project “Pūkas-2” and television “Pūkas-TV”. In implementing the enlargement strategy in 2000, we started making TV. The television channel Pūkas-TV started broadcasting its program in 2001. July 1 Today we broadcast in Kaunas County on 54 digital channels in HD and SD format. Pūkas-TV can also be viewed online in HD format worldwide.

Radio station "Pūkas-2" broadcasts the best works of world music for more intelligent listeners: jazz, blues, and classical music, which have become classics in major Lithuanian cities. The radio station started broadcasting in 2002.

In Lithuania, after the harmonious operation of the music production market and the law on copyright and related copyrights, UAB Pūkas in 2006 gave up publishing activities. Derived from patriotic and civic feelings, we saw no other way out, we changed the nature of the activity. The company focused on analyzing the political and social situation in the country.

People’s livelihoods are rolling down. The gap between the rich and ordinary people is widening. Emigration is growing. The villages are emptying. People get lost, become apathetic and passive. Society is divided, confidence in government has disappeared. The actual information in the public is steadily declining. People are misled by providing poor information. Only openness and transparency in government structures can turn the gap in the life of the state in the right direction. Only a conscious one can destroy the system that leads Lithuania to ruin.

With the help of analysts, we began to discuss political scientists and look for a way out of what means to fight evil. We have established a public movement - the Commonwealth “Other Lithuania”.

We focus on a society that does not want to live in slavery, in a country ruled by oligarchs and a corruption clan. Citizenship and spiritual values ​​are pushed out of people’s consciousness, turning them into loyal consumers. The path chosen is to fight by publicizing the perpetrators of evil, their actions, and their consequences.

Everyone must know the enemies of their state, who politicians together and each individually trampled the hopes of the people, condemned their lives. Once we know the truth, we will know how to proceed so that everyone is given the places they deserve.

UAB Pūko Knowledge Service prepares information based on documents and factual material.

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