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Al Mayadeen TV serves as a vital platform for the global Lebanese community and offers a rich tapestry of programming that spans a wide range of interests, including culture, ethnic, events, current affairs, history, islamic, knowledge, media, muslims, news, policy, religious, space, and women's programs

Al Mayadeen was founded in 2012. The channel aims at reducing the influence of Al Jazeera and Al Arabiya. It covers the news with daily news reports and many distinct programs.

Who are we?

Al-Mayadeen Media Network is an independent Arab satellite news channel, launched on June 11, 2012, and based in Beirut, Lebanon.

Despite Omar Al-Mayadeen Palace, it has actually become one of the most important and influential Arab channels. Indeed, it has become the first news channel in more than one Arab country because of its professional commitment and balance in work, which made it an area of ​​convergence, dialogue, and interaction.

The channel broadcasts 24/24 hours, providing more than ten newsletters and about 17 different programs. Its correspondents are also spread in the decision capitals and many countries of the world and the region from Moscow to Washington, London, Tehran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Europe, and all Arab countries.

Al-Mayadeen has been distinguished since its inception in a lot of coverage and provided a head start in its news and programs. It was a pioneer in covering the Israeli war on Gaza, which turned its coverage in many events into a source of information for major stations. Many of this station also covered coverage of fields such as BBC, Fox News, Russia Today, France 24, Japan TV, European and Arab channels, and international newspapers such as the Washington Post and Le Monde of France.

Goal and identity

Fields News Network is the pan-Arab media network. Al-Mayadeen is based on the slogan "reality as it is" and abides by it to convey truth and opinion in a crisis world. Al-Mayadeen comes out at a critical political moment in the history of the region to be on the scale of the challenge, providing a new media committed to national, national and humanitarian issues, within the framework of an objective journalistic professional.

Al-Mayadeen contains a variety of dialogues, cultural, and intellectual programs, aiming to address the Arab mind in the language of rationality and building bridges of dialogue and knowledge, taking advantage of modern and alternative media techniques to network it with the visual media, so that the speech is appropriate for all ages and cultures, a discourse that rejects discrimination and racism of all kinds, and adheres to a single compass It refers to the liberation of the land and the Arab person alike, in a framework that brings us together to the whole world and does not isolate us.

The al-Mayadeen network also has luminous media names that the Arab public has known and loved, and new, promising and distinguished faces that will give the channel new enthusiasm and veteran experience. Asma cooperates to provide the best, most accurate and comprehensive information and news. In order to return the direction of the Arab media to the public’s demands, opinions and concerns, in a journalistic career, the Arab viewer will be part of it, not a consumer.

Al-Mayadeen Media Network: lighting yesterday, passing on "reality as it is" and making a vision of tomorrow as the viewer aspires to be.

Public policy

  1. "Al-Mayadeen" is an Arab satellite network whose slogan is "Realistic Media", keen to present the complete picture and accurate information, and to convey the reality as it is, in a professional journalistic language, committed to professionalism and balance, and with a modern media vision, that mimics the times and the future ... is a media outlet that seeks to be a space for encounter, dialogue, and interaction.
  2. "Al-Mayadeen" follows the issues of the nation and the world with a comprehensive vision, adheres to the unity of the Arab world, interacts with its civilizational circle, and regional strategy, and strives for the solidarity of the Islamic world, and communicates with the world of the South from the site of affiliation.
  3. "Al-Mayadeen" is concerned with the files of freedoms, reform, social justice, the right of peoples to free expression and determining their internal national options ... embracing the pulse of people and their daily concerns in the field, touching the aspirations of women and youth, and monitors the condition of the poor and the oppressed wherever they are and pays special attention to human and social development
  4. "Al-Mayadeen" is biased towards a culture of tolerance and rejection of extremism and terrorism ... It starts from the constant diversity in the Arab fabric, with its Christians and Muslims and its various national components, and the network respects the right to difference and encourages a dialogue of cultures and civilizations and is a platform for dialogue with the European and American West.
  5. "Al-Mayadeen" does not allow it to be a framework for any racial discrimination, ethnic discrimination, religious division, and sectarian and religious incitement.
  6. "Al-Mayadeen" sees in the Palestinian issue the title of national liberation, and its presence is central to the channel ... It deals with the Palestinians as one people in the homeland and in the diaspora, and as an integrated whole at home, including the Palestinians of the forty-eight lands.
  7. The occupation, foremost among which is the Israeli occupation of Palestine and the Arab lands.


The channel believes in the convergence of cultures and the dialogue of civilizations on the basis of respect and club.

Al Mayadeen believes in the following values:

  1. The unity of the Arab world.
  2. Solidarity of the Islamic world.
  3. Rejection of extremism and terrorism.
  4. Culture of tolerance and dialogue.
  5. Pluralism, diversity and the right to difference.
  6. Citizenship.
  7. equality.
  8. Social Justice.
  9. The right of peoples to self-determination.
  10. The right of peoples to resist and reject interference or external domination.

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