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Bada Khabar, the distinctive online news platform by Mojo Story, redefines journalism with its commitment to in-depth reporting, investigative journalism, and amplifying unheard voices. Uncover powerful exposés, impactful documentaries, and engaging storytelling that delve beyond headlines. Join the pursuit of truth with Bada Khabar – where journalism meets depth, integrity, and innovation.

In the bustling landscape of Indian online news, Bada Khabar stands out, not just for its name ("Big News" in Hindi), but for its unwavering commitment to in-depth reporting, critical analysis, and amplifying unheard voices. Launched by the renowned journalist Barkha Dutt's Mojo Story, Bada Khabar isn't your typical YouTube channel churning out headlines. It delves deeper, unearthing stories often buried beneath the surface of mainstream media.

One hallmark of Bada Khabar is its relentless pursuit of investigative journalism. Their team thrives on exposing the underbelly of powerful institutions, bringing to light scandals and injustices that might otherwise go unnoticed. Remember the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway exposé? Their series on alleged corruption in the project sparked nationwide outrage and pushed authorities for a proper investigation. This kind of impactful reporting is Bada Khabar's forte.

But Bada Khabar doesn't stop there. It shines a spotlight on pressing social issues and the struggles of marginalized communities. From the plight of the Rohingya refugees to the fight for human rights and environmental protection, the channel gives voice to those often ignored or silenced. Their powerful documentary on the Rohingya crisis in India is a testament to their commitment to human stories and social justice.

What truly sets Bada Khabar apart is its creative and engaging storytelling. Gone are the days of dry newsreels. This channel employs diverse formats like short documentaries, explainer videos, and insightful interviews to make even complex topics digestible and engaging. Their scientific explainer series is a prime example, simplifying complex concepts for viewers of all ages and raising awareness about crucial scientific issues.

In a world of fleeting news cycles and superficial reporting, Bada Khabar stands as a beacon of journalistic integrity and depth. It doesn't shy away from the uncomfortable truths, gives voice to the voiceless, and uses innovative storytelling to make impactful journalism accessible to all. If you're seeking news that goes beyond the headlines and offers a critical perspective on current events, then Bada Khabar is the channel you've been looking for.

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