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 Published on April 8, 2019 and last modified on April 8, 2019

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DittyTV - Americana Roots Music Television.

Ditty TV is a cable television network that specializes in Americana and Roots style music. The channel broadcasts music videos, live concerts, artist interviews, festival coverage, documentaries, and other "Americana"-themed programs. 

DittyTV is a television network that celebrates Americana and Roots styles of music. You can enjoy the best in music entertainment anywhere, anytime on any connected device including smart TVs, Roku, AppleTV, FireTV, ChromeCast, Mobiles, Computers and Tablets, and Tivo equipped cable boxes.

Who Watches DittyTV?

Music fans from all over the US and the world watch DittyTV for the best in Americana and Roots music entertainment. Both Fans and Artists enjoy connecting with each other on DittyTV. In fact, artists from 6 of the 7 continents have performed in our studios while their fans watched from all over the world. Europe, Australia, Canada, and of course, all over the good ole’ USA.

What is the viewing Experience?

There’s nothing to search for or click on, just sit back and relax and enjoy the best in Americana and Roots music entertainment. DittyTV is similar to most television networks. We broadcast 24/7 with daily shows that air at specific times of the day. Each show features an engaging host that introduce our viewers to artists from Grammy award-winning artists to the artist you will come to love.

What type of music is featured on DittyTV?

DittyTV features the best in Americana and Roots style music, a musical genre that the New York Times recently called ‘the coolest genre of music today’, and we and our viewers agree. Americana and Roots encompass folk, country, bluegrass, roots rock, gospel, rockabilly, honky-tonk, folk rock, and others. Americana and Roots music appeals to a broad, worldwide audience. It is a musical frontier that promotes creativity and allows for artists and their fans to think outside the traditional commercial boundaries of music.


Audience, Technology, & Outreach

DittyTV is enjoyed every day by our worldwide audience that is passionate about music, active on our social networks, and helps determine our programming through interactive chats, polling, and voting. Our network can be enjoyed through all connected devices and our growing number of cable television partnerships. DittyTV and its family of partner networks are proud to support and partner with industry-leading organizations.

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