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Wesal English

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 Posted on February 22, 2015

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Wesal English

Arabic speakers are very much familiar with Wesal TV (Arabic), after all, it is one of the most notorious and successful Anti-Rafidi Shia satellite channels in the Arab world, covering literally the entire Arabic world, from the Maghreb to the Mashreq.

When Wesal TV (Arabic) launched a few years ago, it was merely broadcasting various clips of Shia clerics uttering blatant kufiya, Shirkiyat and superstitions i.e. it was an exposure of Shiism at the hands of Shiism, after all that was exactly what Shias were always asking for i.e. not to judge Shiism by what the (Shia)  laymen do (like in their savage, self-flagellating Ashura rituals)  or say (let alone what they enemies the ‘Wahhabis’ claim about Shiism).

Well, Wesal TV has done exactly that and maybe these kind of advice were the worst the Shias could have ever made, since merely broadcasting Shia lectures – including all the filth they are accused of since ages – made the masses believe and realize that this sect is one of the most vicious and heretical sects out there, and in fact the farthest away from the Ahl Al-Bayt they claim to follow.

Wesal TV (Arabic) was such a success that it soon started its live shows, various DAILY live programs, including shows by Ex-Shias, political shows, illustrating the crimes of the Safavid Iranian regime in the Arab world (Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, etc.), even inside Iran, against the Sunni minority or even against Arab Shias like the Ahwazi Arabs. The channel is simply a huge success, to this very day.