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Rama Channel

 Posted on June 15, 2014, and last modified on 8 months ago.

Rama Channel is a cable and satellite television channel focused on health and medical care. It is run by Mahidol University, a public research university in Bangkok.

Ramathibodi Hospital is both an educational institution and a hospital with leading medical personnel in the country. Therefore is a reliable source of knowledge Have the potential to promote good health for Thai people Both in the fields of prevention and treatment in various forms

Therefore, to create a proactive role instead of waiting for patients to be admitted to the hospital as in the past And with the advancement of communication technology in today's world Satellite and cable television is an effective way to transfer health knowledge in terms of prevention and treatment to the public.

"Rama Channel" Station is another mission of Ramathibodi Hospital to disseminate knowledge for prevention and enhance good health through 24-hour television media in collaboration with True Vision.