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Est TV

 Posted on October 31, 2015, and last modified on 7 months ago.

EST TV is a general television with regional coverage that is part of the summer of 2017 from TVSat Media Group. EST TV has a geographical area of ​​substantial, even wide coverage, which includes 10 counties, according to the CNA license: Neamț, Suceava, Botoșani, Iași, Bacău, Vrancea, Galați, Brăila, Harghita and Covasna.

The program grid includes new productions, made in TVSat Media Group studios, studios recently evaluated positively by CNA representatives - which are equipped with complete, high-performance equipment, productions that are designed including taking into account their addressability (which we want as much as possible). wide, a regional and even national addressability).

We are talking about educational, cultural, economic education and language education programs. EST TV has a complete program grid, a grid that will be based on the promotion of Romanian artistic films, especially produced by young directors and short films, mainly with an ecological theme. The legendary actors from the years 70-80-90, as well as the new hopes of the productions made in the last years, are brought to the foreground.

The programs are varied and are addressed to a wide audience through its options. Thus it can be exemplified in the weekly offer, for genre-loving viewers, entertainment programs including popular music as well as educational and cultural shows that address both a segment already trained and educated and a segment in the process of education.

The productions broadcast on EST TV try to meet the needs of a wide audience and include both important information for each county and at the regional level, as well as national information. There are two major areas of interest: informational and generic broadcasts in the category of general production.

Great communication is given to the viewers (thus, we ensure a high degree of interactivity), we make daily contact with them through live telephones or reporters, we offer them the opportunity to express their ideas, thoughts or feelings, to present us the problems they face or share with us the joys and, last but not least, to come up with their agenda that we can develop on TV.