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 Published on January 25, 2019

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Jesus Christ Television is a project of River of God Ministries an association serving the Lord in Pakistan since 1996 in evangelism, charity, and education.

In 2002 God gave the vision of media ministry to Pastor Javed Rauf who was praying to God’s guidance in ministry, While in prayer and fellowship with Holy Spirit Pastor Javed Rauf heard the voice of God and Holy Spirit start speaking about the new ministry. God wants him to Start Christian Television in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Pastor Javed was afraid of sharing the vision and discussing with the family. Then he found the courage to talk to his father and brothers. They started prayer, after two years of prayers on April 4th, 2004 Jesus Christ Television started its first transmission in the small Christian area in Lahore Pakistan.

Now Jesus Christ Television is preaching the good news to millions of families around Pakistan and over satellite 70 countries. JCTV has live stream over the internet and lives on apple and android app. Jesus Christ television is reaching to 100 million people and changing lives.

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