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Nambikkai TV is a tv channel from India. You can watch Nambikkai TV and all other programmes of Nambikkai TV live online through live-TV-channels

Nambikkai TV
Nambikkai TV

Nambikkai TV

 Published on November 8, 2018

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Goodnews Channel made a humble beginning in the year 1996 with a vision to present and package value-based programme to both Christian and non-Christian viewers. Having recorded a steady growth over the years, now the company produces around 600 programmes a month in 6 major Indian Languages and put them on the air in more than 10 different leading secular TV channels watched by millions of people not just in India but all across the Middle East, Fat East & South Asia. Goodnews Channel is being managed by the father-son duo of professionally qualified technocrats. Having been raised in Christian values, They have ventured to put their technical expertise into the world of television and broadcasting to spread the message of Goodnews to as many people as possible through this medium.

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