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Music Bangla TV

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 Posted on September 10, 2017, and last modified on 8 months ago.

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Music Bangla TV

MUSIC BANGLA is a music channel with an area coverage nearly 80% of homes of Kolkata and West Bengal. It is now a digital channel with the most upgrade software to enhance the picture and sound quality.

Its programme is based on known and unknown facts on music and it’s personalities with old & update songs there people love to here.

Since the programme is designed to suits all eyes it has gained in all segment.

Some of it highlighted programme like “New Release”, “The Scoopies”, “Not Just Page 3”, “No Refusal”, “TV Movie”, “E Shudhu Gaaner Din”, “Album Songs”, “Tomar-e Jhornatolar Nirjone”, “Twitter Updates”, “MB Vibe”, “MB Tuned”, “MB Aaddazone”, “TOP 5” etc.

Music Bangla is making all effort to bring more new verity in its programme which will help them to win the love of more viewers in future. So, keep watching MUSIC BANGLA channel and give us your suggestion how we make it better.