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Amazing Facts TV
Amazing Facts TV

Amazing Facts TV

 Published on January 10, 2018 and last modified on February 18, 2019

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For more than 40 years, Amazing Facts has been committed to proclaiming the three angels' messages of Revelation 14 and fulfilling the great commission of Jesus Christ.

Our many dynamic outreaches — television, radio, the internet, publishing, and more — not only share the gospel and transform lives all around the globe, but they also encourage, inspire, and equip others to help build up God's kingdom in these last days of earth's history.

Amazing Facts is dedicated to using every means possible to proclaim God's final message of hope and warning to the world. We encourage you to explore our many eye-opening videos available through YouTube. Each is filled with trustworthy, eye-opening information backed by Scripture -- amazing Bible facts that will totally transform the way you think about God.

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