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Kingdom Life TV
Kingdom Life TV

Kingdom Life TV

 Published on October 25, 2015 and last modified on November 6, 2018

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Kingdom Life Television is a Christian television dedicated to prophetic teaching and preaching the life-changing messages of the Kingdom of God. KLTV is also a platform for Churches, Ministries and End time Ministers to declare and demonstrate the Power of the Holy Spirit transforming lives and fulfilling dreams.

Kingdom Life Network TV [KLN] has been operational for over 7 years now, and during this period, it has had a positive effect in the lives of millions of people all over Africa, Europe, parts of Asia, Canada, North America, and soon the entire blue marble planet.

KLN TV offers family friendly content with high moral standards, and the network is committed to providing inspirational, educative, informative, and entertaining content for the whole family. The network believes in ethical broadcasting, and our services are delivering values to the nations of the world through the Word of God.

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