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 Posted on October 29, 2015, and last modified on 10 months ago.


Channel 5 - FIRST.UKRAINIAN. An information channel based on BBC standards by Petro Poroshenko. A distinctive feature of the channel is the hourly news releases and studio informational-analytical talk shows. Since its inception on September 1, 2003, Channel 5 has positioned itself as the Honest News Channel. Information broadcasting began with three news items a day and two news and analytical projects ('' Time '' and '' 5 kopecks '' programs. In 2003, journalists, executives and channel owners signed an agreement on the principles of work for which the owners agreed not to interfere in the news production process, and approved the foundations of editorial policy. The uniqueness of this event was that by '' Channel 5 '' no media in Ukraine took such a step to ensure freedom of speech and non-involvement in the provision of information.

 In February 2004, Channel 5 received the highest award in the field of journalism - the diploma of the All-Ukrainian media competition '' Golden Feather '' - '' For Creating an Effective Public Trust Strategy ''. And in October 2004, the pressure on the channel began. According to the lawsuit filed by the People's Deputy Volodymyr Sivkovich, bills were arrested, which could have caused the shutdown of Channel 5 throughout Ukraine. As a protest against the systematic harassment of the channel's freedom of expression (Ivan Adamchuk, Vladislav Lyasovsky, Roman Skripin, Yuriy Stets, Andriy Shevchenko), a live protest was announced live, the initiative group of employees of the channel announced a hunger strike, which in a few days called journalistic revolution. " More than 250 journalists have signed the statement,

On October 31, 2004, Channel 5 launched the first election television marathon dedicated to the Presidential election. Then Fifth finished third in the ranking, leaving only Inter and 1 + 1 ahead. The Fifth Channel was the only TV channel to provide airtime to the opposition. During the Orange Revolution, Channel 5 switched to 24/7 and broadcast live on the Maidan in Kyiv and other hot spots in Ukraine.

In February 2005, Channel 5 announced the change of format and entertained entertainment and music programs, feature films and more. In Ukraine appeared - "First. Ukrainian. Information channel", filled exclusively with information content: news, documentaries, analytical and nonfiction programs.

In June 2005 Channel 5 received awards in five nominations of the National Council of Ukraine for Television and Radio Broadcasting “Teletriumf-2004”: “Information program - Time program, nonfiction program -“ Closed Zone ”, leading news program - Andrey Shevchenko, Journalist, Reporter - Svyatoslav Tsegolko, Director - Ivan Kravchyshyn.

In 2006, an Editorial Board of 10 people was created and was selected by the method of rating voting. The Editorial Board is still the supervisory body whose purpose is to monitor the implementation of the provisions of the editorial charter, the rights of the creative team and the requirements for the prohibition of censorship. In the same 2006, Channel 5 was awarded in 9 out of 18 categories of the Teletriumph Prize.

In 2007, Channel 5 kicked off the new year with a new software grid built on the principle of "horizontal lines". All news content was divided into blocks, each of which had a fixed place in the software grid. Built a fundamentally new news structure, the total number of news reports increased from 40 to over 60.

In 2010, Channel 5 has the highest rating for "post-revolutionary" times. The final stage of the 2010 Presidential Election marathon exceeded the last record highs and reached the highest average daily average since August 2006. 

On August 25, 2011, the Channel 5 television marathon dedicated to the 20th anniversary of Ukraine's Independence - Ukrainian Independence, led by Tatiana Danylenko and Pavlo Kuzheev, set a world record - 52 hours of continuous broadcast. In October, the Telethon was officially registered with the Guinness Book of Records.

In September 2011, Channel 5 presenter Anna Bezulik became the first winner of the Professional Ethics Award, founded this year by the public organization Telekritika. The following year, the honorary title was also awarded to the leading "Channel 5" Sergei Dorofeev.

In 2012, the Fifth received another Tetriumph statuette. In the Interviewer nomination, Serhiy Dorofeev won the author's project Portraits with Sergey Dorofeev.

In August 2013, it marked its 10th anniversary as Channel 5 with a full restart and a change of corporate color from blue to red and white. "It may look radical, but this 'JUST IN THE HEART' in time," the season commented.