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 Published on February 19, 2019

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TVBS Media Inc. began its broadcast through satellite DTH and local cable systems on September 28, 1993. As the very first privately owned broadcaster, it broke the decades-long oligopoly of the three state-owned terrestrial television stations in the Taiwan market. The debut of TVBS marked a new beginning of a diverse, unfettered, and competitive media era.

“Innovation, Justice, Vitality and Sustainability” are the core values of TVBS Media Inc. It has set several milestones, including the establishment of Taiwan’s first entertainment variety channel, TVBS-G, and the country’s first 24-hour news channel, TVBS-News, providing both an abundance of entertainment programming as well as real-time news information. TVBS Media Inc. has completely changed the way Taiwanese viewers watch television, giving them an entirely new perspective.

In order to expand its sphere of influence, TVBS Media Inc. created Taiwan media’s first-ever overseas channel, TVBS Asia. This, in turn, led to the formation of Taiwan’s only all-news television channel based in Singapore. Singapore TVBS-News broadcasts worldwide around the clock, bringing the most exciting content to Chinese speakers around the globe.

TVBS Media Inc. is also a leader among television networks in Taiwan on the technological front, being the first network to go full HD, from filming to production to broadcast. It was the first to introduce 4K cameras paired with movie-quality lenses to film and produce its dramas, programs, and news special reports, bringing Taiwanese television into the new era of high-definition programming!

The devotion of TVBS Media Inc. to its core values has also won the public’s support and trust for the entire TVBS Group Channels. Not only has this resulted in higher ratings, but also several awards for the station. Its efforts in producing programs have been recognized with several Golden Bell awards. TVBS News’ ratings consistently lead other networks, and the news channel has been named the most watched station by graduating communication majors as well as the ideal television news media in Yahoo! Kimo online polls. It has also won numerous significant news awards over the years, such as from the Excellent Journalism Awards, the Media Billboard, the Cross-strait Relations and Mainland News Reporting Awards, the Tseng Hsu-Pai Journalism Awards, the Consumer Rights Reporting Awards, the Rotary Golden Awards, and others.

In the future, TVBS Media Inc. will continue to provide the finest high-quality programming content and most professional news reporting. The network will strive to become the Chinese-speaking world’s leading media brand and to be an international media outlet with a global perspective and distribution.

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