Kanal 16

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Kanal 16 is a tv station from Turkey. You can Watch Kanal 16 live online and all the TVs from Kanal 16 through live-TV-channels

Kanal 16
Kanal 16

Kanal 16

 Published on October 29, 2015 and last modified on January 1, 2019

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It is a broadcasting organization that carries social responsibility and fulfills its responsibility. It respects human rights and is against all kinds of terror, violence, torture, fanaticism, racism, and exploitation.

It respects religious, moral and spiritual values. Uses the Turkish language in a way that enhances language awareness.

Published in Turkey's integrity and protects the national interests. It favors equality and justice; rejects all forms of persecution.

It is based on the rule of law; he regards freedom as one of the common values of humanity.

He sees his economic independence as the indispensable condition of fulfilling his social responsibility. the relations between the employees are carried out on the basis of mutual trust and responsibility.

It aims at continuous improvement and total quality in the sense of corporate competition. Rejects status quo. In his publications, he is "a party" in favor of universal publishing principles.

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