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TV Gauranga is a tv channel from Russia. You can watch TV Gauranga and all other programmes of TV Gauranga live online through live-TV-channels

TV Gauranga
TV Gauranga

TV Gauranga

 Published on June 15, 2014 and last modified on November 27, 2018

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TV Gauranga is a TV channel from the Russian Federation.

TV Gauranga offers you a break from the usual "matrix" of reality and plunges into the world of the Vaishnava culture. Since ancient times, knowledge of the "Bhagavatam" and "Bhagavad-gita" was passed only from guru to a small number of his successors, and only on the territory of faraway India. Now it will be revealed to you through lectures spiritual teachers and their more experienced students. Kirtans and bhajans - the possibility of the direct experience of bhakti yoga.

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